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INR 2999/-

Content Marketing

  • Master the art of content creation, 

  • Content distribution and promotion Plan 

  • Create and market your content for online business, e-learning and generate leads 

  • Grow your brand influence, build an engaged audience around your business 

  • Build your credibility and attract clients to your product & services 

  • Design your content marketing strategy for online branding and business conversion. 

  • Learn the tools and techniques of online content creation, distribution and conversion 

  • Design and implement your content marketing blueprint

  • Exercises, worksheets & templates

  • Choosing content creation tools


INR 2999/-

Facebook Ace

  • Facebook profile/Page analysis & optimization

  • How to improve your Facebook profile score

  • Growing your network and building community on Facebook

  • Facebook groups, features and engagement tools

  • Facebook page creation, analysis & optimization

  • Building your business brand, page story

  • Designing your Facebook Funnel & lead system

  • Generating organic leads through content marketing

  • Building your personal brand on Facebook

  • Content plan, engagement & hashtag strategies, productivity hacks & algorithm

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INR 2999/-

Personal Branding

  • Find your niche and establish your value proposition 

  • Creating compelling content and share a compelling story to grow your brand  

  • Personal branding tools and techniques  

  • Building an engaged social media audience for more conversion  

  • Creating your digital blueprint for successful online business  

  • Social Media Marketing plan and creating an effective Social Media Sales Funnel  

  • Designing your customized content marketing model  

  • Social Media psychology and online consumer behavior

  • Magnify your brand impact & multiply your reach

  • Fine your superbrand success formula

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INR 2999/-

Website Building

  • Developing your personal brand website from scratch  

  • Choosing the right theme and tabs for your website  
    Strategic content placement  
    Brand optimized website creation 

  • Blogging platform setup  

  • CRM and email marketing tools setup  

  • Facebook Pixel & Google Indexing  

  • 3 Keywords SEO  

  • Domain booking or linking to an existing domain  

  • Landing page creation and payment gateway integration

  • This includes one website review

  • Choosing the right plan and apps for your website

  • Lead form creation and email automation system for lead capture and nurturing


INR 2999/-

LinkedIn Pro

  • Your Profile analysis & improving LinkedIn profile score

  • Profile optimization & making an “All Star” profile

  • Writing an effective LinkedIn headline & profile summary

  • Reaching out to your target audience & growing connection

  • Improving your networking quotient and building relationship

  • Growing your audience and building your personal brand

  • Storytelling & Content Planning & Writing Articles on LinkedIn

  • How to improve your LinkedIn Social Selling Index Case study of influencers

  • Showcasing your company profile on LinkedIn Generating leads through LinkedIn

  • Engagement, hashtags and algorithm Productivity hacks


INR 2999/-

Facebook Marketing

  • Creating & Setting-up your ad account 

  • Audience research

  • Creating Custom audience

  • Writing affective Facebook Ad copies

  • Connecting Facebook Pixel 

  • Running Lead ads 

  • Running Conversion ads 

  • Facebook lead funnel & Retargeting

  • Creating landing pages & sales pages for Facebook Ad

  • Facebook Ad secrets

  • How to check your competitors targeting

  • Facebook Ads review and analytics

  • Templates and review sheet to manage your ads and tracking your Ad ROI

3 Bonuses Included (INR 12,000/-)

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INR 5000/-

Passion2Profit Premium Membership Vault

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1 hr focused one-on-one consultation Session

  • One-on-one Consulting

  • Focused Consulting

  • Coaching Session

  • Query Handling

  • Strategy Building Session


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